wonderful Brasil

wonderful Brasil

Hello my friends,

Today it is Sunday 26th of May. Gyan and I have arrived in Praia do Forte, Bahia, Brasil. After one month of traveling, via Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro, Visconde de Mauá and Belo Horizonte we have arrived in a very special place, in the middle of the ‘mata Atlântica’, the Atlantic Forest. To me personally it feels like coming home, being embraced by the warmth of the climate, the friendliness of the people I meet here, and the lushness of the plant and animal life surrounding us. They say Brasil is the heart of this world, and I can understand why this is said. And even the relative warmth of the Atlantic Ocean feels like a warm bath! Besides, for very little money you can book a massage here, and this afternoon I will join a group of people doing a Osho Kundalini meditation. This is the place I feel that, together with my wife, I want to invest my love and energy in, to make it an even more beautiful place on this planet, and consequently, create a more loving world.

Now to give you an short impression of the time between our departure from Amsterdam and our arrival here:

Rio de Janeiro

After a 10-day stop-over in Barcelona we arrived in Brasil!
This is paradise! What a beautiful country this truly is. We landed in
Rio de Janeiro for a two-day stay in a hotel facing Copacabana beach. The way Rio is situated and spread out around a bay surrounded by mountains and forests, makes it look like a cosy little town, when viewed from the feet of Christ the Redeemer.

Rio de Janeiro from the statue of Christ the Redeemer
Me and Gyan at the feet of Christ
A redness that makes me smile

I found it a very special experience to be in a city where the presence of nature and it’s exuberance is felt to be so near, whilst being in the middle of buildings, hotels, and busy traffic.

Visconde de Mauá

Before our next flight, we rented a car and drove into the mountains. Some 25 years ago Gyan bought a piece of land here, commanding a panaromic view of the mountains and a river with rapids and waterfalls. She had not seen the land for some time, and wanted to check if nobody had taken it and to evaluate it’s exact position. The area it is situated in what is called “Visconde de Mauá”, a piece of beautiful countryside up in the mountains the people of São Paolo and Rio de Janeiro flock to during their weekends and holidays. The area is packed with “pousada’s” (chalets), restaurants (trout!) and café’s. We had booked a beautiful pousada (Pousada dos Amores) with a fireplace and a jacuzzi.

me in my hammock

Belo Horizonte

This is the city where Gyan was born and raised, and her mother still lives. We enjoyed her loving hospitality for 10 days. I really enjoyed her hospitality, and because we did some shopping together, I came to know many different kinds of fruit, and the bigger size of the ones that I was already familiar with.

Mega mango’s

During our stay with her mum, we enjoyed a weekend away with her mother, brothers and family, in the ‘pied-a-terre” of her brothers. In a hilly natural reserve just outside Belo Horizonte. The house is surrounded by a garden full of fruit trees!

So, finally we arrived in Praia do Forte

Watch this video and enjoy. Perhaps it inspires you to come over and spend your holidays over here!

With love, Michael

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  1. Hi Michiel,
    What a wonderful place you are in.
    Enjoy it as much as you can and have a safe trip home when you are ready for it.

  2. Hi Michael, what a beautiful place. I really can imagine you will not coming back to Holland. So, I have to come to you if I like to see you again.
    Enjoy x