With love from Pune, India

With love from Pune, India

Dear friends!

It’s amazing what a change of activities and geographical location will do to your energy and consciousness!

I arrived here, at the Osho International Meditation Resort, on the 2nd of April. It took me a week to get settled, and sort out what activities I wanted to be involved in here.

One of the reasons to be here was to enjoy the energy of this place, the pool, the meditations, the dancing, the delicious vegetarian meals and meeting people from all over the world with a love for awareness and meditations; and to be in India of course!

The other reason being that somehow I  felt that I would meet somebody within myself I need to get to know a lot better! In the past week I did some Primal therapeutic work along with some sessions of Regression Therapy, and this on top of the daily dynamic meditations. (Google Osho Dynamic for more info) I knew I wanted to face the reason for my vulnerability in my teenage years that led to being sexually abused. Being in this environment and energy,  coupled with some excellent therapists, made it possible for me to begin to see  what had happened in the first 3 years of my life! And I am still in the middle of it! I won’t go into too many details, it’s enough to say that it is a painful but also freeing process!

So to wrap it up, I am into my last week here, 2nd of May I’ll fly to Nepal, for a totally different adventure. It’ll be a nice change from all the “hard work” here, but sure enough fysically challenging!

From 22nd till 31st of may I’ll be back in Pune for 9 days of meditation and some fun, and then back to Amsterdam!

lots of love, Namasté


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