The presence of nature

The presence of nature

Never before have I experienced the power and presence of trees so magnificently.
I am really touched to my deepest core.
I can feel the presence of the plant-life here.
‘Here’ is at a meditation centre called Osheanic.
Not so far from the Atlantic pond.
Five minutes by Uber.
It is sweltering hot, but the swimming pool is within reach.
The birds find the energy in themselves to send their songs to my ears
They resonate within me.
The warmth of midday envelopes me like a cocoon.
The heat is bearable.
Thanks to the shadows cast by the trees.

I feel grateful to be here.
Thankful for the love of existence.
Expressed by the people who come here and live here,
and support the centre with their energy.
I feel grateful for the workshop led by Shastro.
“Stepping into the now”
Thankful for the meditation in the lake house.
Feeling one with the jungle around us.
A magic place, I seemed to be merging with existence,
stepping into the silence.
The inner space was vast.

The swimming pool was cleaned today.
What a beautiful job this guy has!
I am glad he is here!
We could swim and dolphin about in the water.
Gyan was dancing, aqua aerobicing almost,
Ipod in hand and earphones in place.

Pizza party last night.
The people from the Osho Prana Healing group have left this morning.
Silence. Tranquility.
So what to do.
We decided to stay here till Monday, when we fly back to Bahia.
To take part in a tantra retreat this weekend.
I am excited, looking forward to learning more.
About meditation and sensuality with my beloved!

One Reply to “The presence of nature”

  1. This is totally you, Michael ! Maybe you could leave the word ‘seeker’ behind by now …
    Your destiny, as it’s meant to be!
    Yesterday afternoon, I sat next to a woman at the train station in Paris. ‘My English is very, very bad.’ I told her : ‘Don’t worry. Where are you from?’ She said : ‘Brazil! The country where everybody is happy !’ I said : ‘I know! Michael shows!’ We threw our arms high up in the air, laughed and celebrated the moment of just … being 🙂