Life in Brasil

Life in Brasil

The hospitality I meet!

The willingness and swiftness with which a friend sets a meal on the table at whatever time of day is amazing! Even nine o’clock in the evening is not unusual. Of course, I have friend and family in my home country who are very hospitable, and that have made lovely meals for me, but never before has a cleaning lady done me this service; while staying at the house of a friend, who had gone out, her cleaning lady prepared a lovely lunch for me. Heartwarming!

My surprise lunch

Coming into my own rhythm

After two weeks in this lovely beach resort, after meeting many friends of Gyan, and seeing many houses and beautiful projects, I felt the need to find the right moment for my physical “workouts”, meaning running and daily yoga. I have found ways to fit some yoga in, which I feel like extending to a daily 30 minute routine. I had noticed that getting up at 6 instead of 7 am gave me the benefit of seeing sunrises and being able to run at a much more pleasant temperature. After 7 am it gets warmer rapidly, and running becomes a very sweaty experience.

And now? (looking back)

I am looking back on my life and making a list of all the tools I used to try to transform myself, change my mind about myself, and find a life that is lighter than the life I did not want any longer when I turned 50. That was 10 years ago!

From 2008 to 2018, in rough chronological order:
Yoga (the sun salutations) meditation, running, training my body, the five Tibetan rites, listening to binaural music with positive affirmations, sweating lodges, kundalini yoga, walking, Reichian breathing sessions, rebirthing retreats with breath work, a massage education, Tantra retreats, Access Consciousness Bars workshops and becoming a Bars facilitator!

Bars session in progress

A sabbatical, plant-medicin healing ceremony, sitting at the feet of the energy of an enlightened Master (Osho), becoming a sannyasin of Osho, doing active Osho meditations and becoming a facilitator of Osho meditations, primal de-conditioning retreats, and last but not least: starting traveling the world, and making Brazil (the country of my wife Gyan) our ‘base-camp’.

And now (looking ahead)

After 10 years of hunting for something, I find myself not so much needing to do anything really. Two months after I stopped working, after 7 weeks of travelling, I have come to a place of rest, sleeping many hours at night, enjoying a certain measure of laziness ….. from here the adventure starts.

This adventure is has several aspects: from finding ways to love and support my children and family being 6000 miles apart, knowing they would have me much rather closer to them, to developing projects here in Brazil together with my partner to enhance the life on this planet, projects around consciousness and awareness (meditation, access consciousness/Bars, yoga), awareness about food (Zé Vivo’s green juice) and wholesome living, sustainable building, inspiring others etc.

Gyan after making the green juice

So, how does it get any better than this!

With love, Michael