How to begin a beautiful day

How to begin a beautiful day

When I wake up in the morning, I begin my day doing a few stretches.

To alleviate the lower back pain I feel, but does not belong to me. Ever since I began this gymnastic routine 4 weeks ago, my lumbar region started feeling much lighter and flexible.

After these simple exercises, I sit up on a firm pillow or yoga bolster with my legs crossed (the so called ‘perfect pose’).

I make sure my spine is straight, and I pull back my chin a little like a soldier standing to attention.

To help my body to sit like this for an extended period of time, I do the so called ‘butterfly pose’. It opens up the hips and stretches the groin. Also, very beneficial for a man’s prostate, an important detail for a man of my age.

Next, I just observe my breath, the sensations of my body, the sounds around me and the inner space that slowly opens up to my awareness. For the rest I do nothing. And I understand that at this point you may want to ask me: what about your thoughts? Good question, they kind of jump on me, the same for some emotions, doubts, feelings etc.

I decide there and then, that I can’t change anything about this, and that I will just observe everything that happens inside, without any attempt at changing anything.

So, I start doing nothing …… and after a while I notice that my bodily sensations and thoughts and feelings change …. You might say that the frequency of my brain waves changes.

This is the secret of a life full of love and gratitude. After this session I will normally do some yoga, or run for 30 minutes.

It has taken me around 10 years to come to this place of silence, and I am a slow learner sometimes, so when you set out on this path, you might encounter meditation much sooner than I did. But you have to start somewhere, because there is no way we can live in this day and age, on this planet, in this dimension, without meditation.

If you can find a way to come to a place where you can begin your day with absolutely doing nothing, expecting nothing, judging nothing, and opening up to love and gratitude, and you can take this energy with you into your day …. miracles will happen!

Michael Shiva