Dear fellow seekers

Dear fellow seekers

My name is Michael, aged 59, and living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I am sitting here with my my laptop, thinking what to share in my first blogpost.
It is first and foremost going to be about my travels to India and Nepal next year. A kind of pilgimage …. going deeper inside … getting my eyes opened … raising my awareness and things like that.
The last ten years in my life have been a different kind of pilgrimage, more like the pilgrimage of the heart.  Somewhere in my life I had lost my heart to my head, comfortably numbed out my feelings, and just got myself pushed along by demands and expectations of others. That was my choice, for a good reason, but still my choice. So I never got round to really doing what I wanted, being busy fulfilling the expectations of others.

I won’t go into that right now, maybe more about that later. Definitely more interesting to read is how I arrived at making a different choice in my life.

In 2008, the year I turned 50, I went through a crisis. I decided for some reason to start doing yoga and to begin to meditate.
Next it’ll be 10 years ago that I embarked on a voyage of transformation.
Next year I will  have 3  months off from work to do a pilgrimage to the land of Yoga, India.
My first stop is the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune, where I’ll be doing a  program-free program, so lots of time to relax, apart from the dynamic meditations an other interesting things I would like to do there.

On the second of May I will fly to Kathmandu. Where a host from BetterPlaces picks me up for my Annapurna Trekking experience. I will be ascending from 3.000 ft to roughly 16.000 ft in about 14 days. I will be faced with the highest peaks of the earth, just the thought of reaching that place around mid may next year fills me with tremendous awe!

Three-and-a-half months to go, and then I will take off to India.
In the mean time I will share about my preparations and the last ten transformational years of my life.

If you have anything to share, I will look forward to reading it,

With love,


4 Replies to “Dear fellow seekers”

  1. A beautifull journey to your beautifull heart Michael. I wish you a lot of joy and interesting lessons at your journey. xx

  2. What a trip!!!!! Both your Journey in the world to the highest Mountain, as your Journey towards healing all those years. I was part of that earlier Journey 35 or so years ago. We Both have found blessings on our way. Jave a GREAT JOURNEY, amarja