A pilgrimage into my own backyard

A pilgrimage into my own backyard

On the 2nd of January I landed at Schiphol Airport near Amsterdam.
I had to come to terms with a 25 degree drop in temperature!
So I just put on some more clothes, and enjoyed the crisp and cold fresh air. Thank god for soot filters on diesel engines in Amsterdam. Up to this moment I have been coughing out the fumes of motorized riksja’s in India.

On the 20th of January, a beautiful sunlit Sunday morning, I set out on my morning run. Up at 7 am, I witnessed the nearly full moon about to disappear behind the appartement block across a little park facing my living room windows. An hour later, I witnessed the same building being ‘set ablaze’ by the rising. By now it seemed to be “warming up” a little outside so time to put on my jogging gear! I hoped to catch a glimpse of the beautiful swan I photographed the day before!

A “meditating” swan

I am totally in love with this particular spot on our beautiful planet, I have been running around the lake called “Gaasperplas” for about 10 years now, and it somehow feels like home to me. Even so, I know that my real home is deep down inside of me, a place I have learned to come closer to in the past year.

With love, Michael Shiva

it’s so blissfully silent around here!

4 Replies to “A pilgrimage into my own backyard”

  1. Beautiful beloved. Very happy that you enjoy life it doesn’t matter where. That is what life is about relax, let go and just be happy. 🙏🌹🎶🙌❣️

  2. So you have finally landed… 🙂 The Gaasperplas. I totally agree. In all it’s ‘smplicity’ the small lake offers niceness and beauty. I remember going out there a few times in stormy rains. The raging waves would hit the shore on the eastern side like it was saying: ‘beware, I can be dangerous and big”. In one sense this unimpressive lake on it’s own terms is like our inner being. Although small, the Gaasperplas is very deep. Made by man. Divers exercise there. Some have drowned. When we dive deep into ourselves we can also drown. Smooth waters may run deep. Our inner self is dug out deep by life’s experiences, black and white, dark and light, right and wrong. Sometimes it is better to surf the waters of life or maybe swim, when the sun is out, but close to the shore. Or canoe for that matter in daring moods of rain and adventure. Running around the lake remains the best option. Laying in the grass and chatting with friends and loved ones. Diving into ourselves is seeking solitude in the dark. Let’s not seek darkness, but light. God gave us the sun to enjoy. The waters are for the fish. And my question now is: are there any fish in the Gaasperplas? My best quess is very few. A man made lake lacking life in itself. Let us rather seek the Giver of life. Let’s adore the Son who once revealed Himself on the top of a mountain in the land of Israël. High above.

  3. thanks Paul for your elaborate respons to my blog!
    A man-made lake, and the man-made stories about Jesus, because that’s who you mean by the Son, and that’s what the biblical stories are.
    You and I are sons of god, we are truly divine, and the only man-made story I will appreciate is the story we write about our own lives, how we transformed our heart and being by diving deep into meditation. And meditation may mean many different things, it’s nothing to do with sitting in a certain posture, it’s to do with being silent and a witness of all that is, mostly of all within ourselves, without judgment or trying to change anything. Quite a challenge sometimes, I must admit, but I haven’t drowned yet! 😉