The Blue Jewel

The Blue Jewel

courtesy of NASA
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Sometimes, when seeing or hearing about the state of our beautiful planet, I feel so powerless and sad. When it seems almost impossible to stop this train we are in. It makes me want to pull the emergency break and have us all come to a standstill on this track we are on. A year ago I saw a documentary, with a name in Portuguese … ‘A Joia Azul’ …. which translated means ‘The Blue Jewel’.
Seeing this documentary gave me hope, I felt that there is something we can do, there is something I can do. In particular the part about “planetary healing” touched me. Healing others around you, and our Mother Earth, can only truly happen if you have first healed yourself, and will also lead to a stronger communion with this planet. I have grown to love her, I have grown to love all the life on it so much, I enjoy watching beautiful trees, plants, animals and people; as well as live as in documentaries on Gaia and Netflix, they inspire me to want to contribute to the health and well-being of our big and wonderful ‘a joia azul’!

So check out Gaia if you haven’t already done this:

And ….. I am so freakingly much inspired by beautiful initiatives of young people such as Boyan Slat, and the ones not quite as young but very young in spirit like Dr. Dain Heer of Access Consciousness®. Listen to what he has to say about our communion with Earth in this video:

A televised documentary about Boyan, broadcast on Dutch television, will be shared on a page on this site not yet published.

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