Welcome to my WordPress site. My name is Michael Shiva and I like writing. On this blog you will read about my personal pilgrimage in life and about the adventures existence brings to me. The people I meet, the encounters with myself, and about the possibilities life is presenting us with.
In addition to the blogposts, I am working on some theme pages. Each page will be about one of the transformative tools I have been using in the past 10 years, tools you may benefit from if you are seeking to raise your consciousness and empower yourself.
Examples of possible topics are (active) meditations, meeting a master, consciousness, yoga, health, our planet etc.

And if you have come to my website through Access Consciousness®, and you consider to book a Bars session with me, it will be nice to read the page Access Consciousness®, where I share a little about what a Bars session contributed to my life.

E se você veio ao meu site através do Access Consciousness® e pensa em reservar uma sessão de Barras comigo, será bom ler a página Barras De Access onde compartilho um pouco sobre o que uma sessão de Barras e como contribuiu para minha vida .

A few keywords of my blogs are: consciousness, meditation, yoga, healthy food, traveling, meeting the energy of an enlightened master, Nepal, Himalayas, Brazil, your inner essence, fun, bliss, adventure!

Enjoy reading and feel free to comment.

2 Replies to “Homepage”

  1. Hoi Michiel, wat bijzonder om je alsmaar zo gelukkig te zien. Heel andere tijden tov het Vu. Fijn voor je dat het geluk op je pad is gekomen. Lieve groeten, ook aan je mooie vrouw. 👋 Michaella

  2. Hi Michaella, ik heb je comment helemaal gemist, leuk dat je reageert, hoop dat jij het goed hebt in het oosten van het land!

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